The Debut of “The House of Pasadena”

Should a blog about real estate include exclusive content which only addresses the local real estate market?

Our goal was always to inform and to educate and throw in a little humor from time to time. However, even I must admit market facts and statistics become dry after a while, and dry can be just this side of boring. Over the course of the last several years we have looked at different alternatives to keep things new and exciting. Restaurant reviews, points of interest and entertainment; well there were plenty of other sites doing that, therefore our challenge was to offer articles and anecdotes that no one else was creating.

The “House of Pasadena” to Debut

In consumer products the key to category growth is new products. Authoring a real estate web site is not really any different. You have to produce content that keeps people engaged, wanting to read what you have to say. In the late 90’s, everybody wanted to be a day trader as the stock market reached new highs. Then the bottom fell out and a lot of people lost interest in following the market. Real estate was the same way as many novice beginners loved the label “investor” when in fact the only qualification was just purchasing a book at the book store and had never really owned any property.

If you only offer articles on real estate, people will generally visit your site when they are in the market to buy or sell a home. Our challenge became, “How do we provide creative content that remains real estate focused but also provides entertainment value?

The House of Pasadena

There's more to real estate than contracts and escrow

We will soon introduce an ongoing series about life in the Pasadena real estate arena.

There’s more to real estate than just contracts and escrow. A lot more.

These stories will feature a fictionalized account (could be some truth to that) of our protagonist and the characters he/she has to work with on an ongoing basis. You will experience the dramatics and the emotion that this agent deals with and how they get past the insincerity and the phoniness that has become so pervasive in this business. Many agents outside the Pasadena area have spoken about the “uppity” attitude of agents in the Pasadena area, who single handedly think they are responsible for increasing home values.

The author has assured us that the names will be changed to protect the guilty agents who make this industry so fun, exciting and complete with drama.

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I see so many properties listed for sale that have absolutely no creativity or marketing plan. They are compromised by a poor description, terrible photography and a real estate agent that doesn't understand how to sell a property. If the most important issue to you is getting your home sold, allow me the opportunity to meet with you and show you the results a real marketing program will produce.


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