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With a population a little over 25,000 residents, the housing market is very tight. In 2012, there were approximately 120 recorded sales of Single Family Homes with a median price of $870,000, and prices averaged $483 per square foot.

Sales of Town Homes and Condominiums offer some price relief as the median sales price was $525,000 and the price per square foot was $352. In 2012, the Pasadena Foothills Board of Realtors indicated sales of 55 units.

What makes home prices in South Pasadena higher than other comparable areas? It would have to be the South Pasadena Public School System. South Pas Schools receive much higher ratings than area schools and as a result home prices carry the premium.

South Pasadena’s close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, and Pasadena has become more convenient with the Gold Line Metro Train. Trains run every 10 – 12 minutes and offer an excellent alternative to traffic conjestion.

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