Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon Golf Course

Mention playing golf in Pasadena and your first thought is probably Brookhaven Golf Club. 36 holes of golf around the Rose Bowl. Two great options for local residents who want to tee it up and imagine they hear the gallery roar “You da Man” as a tee shot rips of the face of a driver as big as a catcher’s mitt.

Greens at Eaton Canyon are fast and in great shape

Over on the other side of town in the Hastings Ranch area is another option for Pasadena golfers. Eaton Canyon is a 9 hole course which offers several challenging holes and tests your skill at shot making. I had the opportunity to play it last week and like many areas of Pasadena, it too suffered extensive damage from the recent high winds.

Billy, Billy, Billy

I knew I was going to enjoy Eaton Canyon immediately. When I went to the driving range I got to practive of real grass. Not the artificial turf mats that are like a rug remnant and so commonplace. Hitting off of real grass makes such a differnece to me and the purists of the game but from a cost and maintenance standpoint has to be much more expensive to maintain than the shag carpet found elsewhere.

A couple of other things I really liked about Eaton Canyon was the fee for 9 holes was less than $20. Where else can you find a bargain like that? On top of that, the greens were magnificent. Lightning fast, but impeccably maintained. Very surprising for a small 9 hole golf course.

Spending the afternoon at Eaton Canyon is a good test of golf and a fun alternative to the other golf course in Pasadena.