About Doug Willis

Thanks for stopping by and reading a little bit about what our goals and objectives are and how they can benefit you. Our hope is that you will put your trust in us, providing us the opportunity to represent you in a real estate transaction.

Several years ago we recognized the importance of having a strong online presence. The internet was changing the future of real estate. The process of buying and selling a home would offer new opportunities to those salespeople who could understand and use it to their advantage. We wanted to be the first ones at the party.

Pasadena Real Estate Broker Doug Willis

Doug Willis – Broker Owner of RE/MAX South Pasadena

Why was this so important?

Willie Sutton was an accomplished bank robber. When asked “Why do you rob banks”? He replied…”Because that is where the money is”.

Research indicates approximately 90% of home buyers begin their home search online. Why do you need an real estate agent with a tremendous online presence? Because that is where the Buyers are!

In other words, the more people we can expose your property to, the greater the chance we can receive more than one offer. Believe me, the momentum definitely changes when you as the home seller are making counter offers to more than one buyer. YOU are in the drivers seat and in charge.

Negotiation and Preparation

The key to a successful real estate transaction is in the preparation process. We know that every home has a personality and our job is to bring out the best in yours and what is has to offer. Our successful selling plan always includes professional preparation and consultation. We strive to minimize and account for any possibility that may arise, and procure the highest financial return on your investment.

When you walk through the shopping mall, there is definitely a different vibe in the air when you walk into Nordstrom’s after being at Macy’s. With this different atmosphere, there is also a unique expectation. The merchandise is of a higher quality, the service personnel are more attentive. Overall, a more positive experience.

That is our pledge to you and what you can expect from us. We know we have many competitors and our job is to exceed your expectations.

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